USB Driver

RAMBo Electronics USB Driver (only required for Windows):


Arduino (for uploading and editing firmware): download the latest version here.


Artifex 2:,

Artifex 2 All Metal:,


Repetier-Host (the printing user interface): download the latest version here.

3D Models

Cute Octopus: CuteOcto.stl (source:

Stackable Cup: StackableCup.stl (source:

Two Color Dragon: Dragon.stlHeart.stl (source:

Hilbert Cube: HilberCube.stlHilberCubeSupport.stl (source:

G-code Examples

Single Extruder, PLA: CuteOcto.gcode

Single Extruder, NinjaFlex: StackableCup.gcode

Artifex 2 Duo Nozzle Offset Calibration: Artifex2DuoCalibration_PLA.gcode, Artifex2DuoCalibration_ABS.gcode

Dual Extruders, PLA: TwoColorDragon.gcode

Slicing Settings


Slic3r settings: Artifex_PLA.ini, Artifex_ABS.ini

Artifex 2

Slic3r settings (single extruder):  Artifex2_PLA.ini, Artifex2_ABS.ini, Artifex2_NinjaFlex.ini

Slic3r settings (dual extruders):  Artifex2Duo_PLA.ini, Artifex2Duo_ABS.ini

CuraEngine print settings:  Artifex2.rcp, Artifex2Duo.rcp

CuraEngine filament settings:  PLA.rcf, ABS.rcf, NinjaFlex.rcf, HIPS.rcf, PVA.rcf

Artifex 2 All Metal

Slic3r settings (single extruder):  Artifex2AM_PLA.ini, Artifex2AM_ABS.ini, Artifex2AM_NinjaFlex.ini, Artifex2AM_Nylon.ini, Artifex2AM_PC.ini

Slic3r settings (dual extruders):  Artifex2DuoAM_PLA.ini, Artifex2DuoAM_ABS.ini

CuraEngine print settings:  Artifex2AM.rcp, Artifex2DuoAM.rcp

CuraEngine filament settings:  PLA.rcf, ABS.rcf, NinjaFlex.rcf, HIPS.rcf, PVA.rcf, Nylon.rcf, PC.rcf

Design Files


Artifex 2: