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• Flexible Material Extrusion
• Single- & Dual-Head Extrusion
• LCD Controller & SD Card Reader
• Large Build Volume: 952 (Single) / 640 (Dual) cubic inch
• High Layer Resolution: 50 micron
• Fast Print Speed: 150 mm/sec

Flexible Material Extrusion

The consumer 3D printing technology is advancing rapidly these days. New materials are playing a vital role by creating new opportunities to a wide range of applications. Flexible material is certainly one of the recent (compared to ABS and PLA) materials which have generated lots of excitment in the consumer 3D printing field.


At the same time, because they are soft, the flexible materials also create new challenges to extrusion-based 3D printers. To address such chanllenges, the Artifex 2 comes with a redesigned filament drive to enable smooth and effective extrusion of flexible filaments. The same extruder can also extrude PLA, ABS and other types of filaments. So, no tool change is required for flexible material extrusion. Currently, the Artifex 2 is compatible and tested with NinjaFlex flexible filaments. In the following video, the red NinjaFlex filament was used to print out a pair of pretty sandals.

Dual-Head Extrusion

The Artifex 2 Duo comes with two extruders. The first application of dual-head extrusion is to print two-color models. By stepping up from a single color to two colors, the Artifex 2 Duo not only makes your models more colorful, but also offers you the capability to print out designs with color contrast. For example, in the following video, the earth, our beautiful home, was printed out on the Artifex 2 Duo. Such design with detailed color contrast is impossible to be printed out with single-head extrusion even with manual filament change. The second application of dual-head extrusion is to use one extruder for 3D model and another for dissolvable supporting materials.

Build Volume & Print Quality

The following video demonstrates the build volume and print quality of Artifex 2 3D printer. The print was scaled up 150% from the original model, and the print height of T-Rex skull in the second part of video was 217mm (8.5in).