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Rewards Program

What is it?

    In simple words, the 3DMakerWorld Rewards Program is to offer $5 rewards for every $100 accumulated purchase.
  • - You obtain 1 rewards point (or, loyalty point) for every $1 product purchase at 3dmakerworld.com. Tax and Shipping & Handling charges are not included.
  • - For every 100 rewards points, you obtain $5 store credit.
  • - All of your purchases will be accumulated after your registration.
  • - Your rewards points will never expire.

How to join?

  • - Registered customers: You are automatically offered rewards points based on your purchases at 3dmakerworld.com. You can view the history of your rewards accumulation and usage from your account.
  • - Guest customers: Please register at 3dmakerworld.com, and then send an email to sales@3dmakerworld.com requesting rewards points for your purchases within the last 6 months. Purchases made before six months cannot be claimed for rewards points.

How to use?

  • - When you are ready to check out, click "My Cart" on the top of web page, your current rewards points will be displayed below your Shopping Cart section.
  • - If you decide to use your rewards points for your current purchase, please do so before proceeding to check out.
  • - The rewards points can be redeemed for every 100 points, which are equivalent to $5 store credit. (Note: The applicable rewards points only display if your total product purchase amount is greater than or equal to $5.)
  • - After you apply your rewards points, the balance of your rewards points and the total charge will be recalculated as shown in example pictures below.

Before applying reward points:

After applying reward points:


  • - The 3DMakerWorld Rewards Program only applies to purchases at 3dmakerworld.com unless specifically mentioned in other activities.
  • - Rewards points cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • - Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash, sales tax, or shipping and handling.
  • - Purchases made before six months cannot be claimed for rewards points.

Terms and Conditions:

The 3DMakerWorld Rewards Program is intended to reward its customers for their purchases at 3dmakerworld.com. Use of rewards points constitutes acceptance by the customer of this Rewards Program policy and Store Policies of 3dmakerworld.com. 3D Maker World reserves the right to interpret or revise the program policy, and to evoke or withdraw the privileges of the program at any time.


If you have any questions about this rewards program or your rewards points, please feel free to reach us at sales@3dmakerworld.com or (913)897-8359. We look forward to your business.