Carbon Fiber PLA 1.75mm 500g Spool

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Quick Overview

Excellent structural strength. Ideal for frames, supports, propellers, and more.


Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA is an ideal material for frames, supports, shells, propellers, tools for excellent structural strength. It is particularly loved by drone builders and and RC hobbyists.

Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA is made from NatureWorks 4043D PLA Resin compounded with 15% (by weight) chopped Carbon Fibers. It is more brittle than standard PLA in its filament form, so handle it carefully to prevent breakage.

Note: This filament is more abrasive than standard PLA. Prolonged use may result in accelerated nozzle wear.

- Diameter: 1.75mm
- Color: black
- Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)

- Spool diameter: 8'' (203mm)
- Spool height: 3'' (76mm)
- Hub hole diameter: 2'' (51mm)

- Sealed in a plastic bag with desiccants

- Extrusion temperature: 195°C – 240°C
- Bed temperature (if available, not required): 50°C

- Material Safety Data Sheet