3D Solex UM2 Matchless Nozzle - 2.85mm Filament, 0.15mm Micro

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Quick Overview


This is the World`s smallest 3d printer nozzle. They are individually drilled and checked, and extremely difficult to manufacture. These are difficult to use, and we recommend that you can print with an 0.15 nozzle “blindfoldedly” before using this one. Prints at lower temp (190 – 205C), since the material stays long time inside. Do not change material type without “Cold Pulls” in between. Use Cold Pull before and after every print. This cleans out the nozzle.

hat is this nozzle used for

  • Kanji, Japanese art writing
  • Custom PCB manufacture
  • Miniature drone parts
  • Miniature tools and gadgets
  • Other use

World`s smallest drill is made with our 0.25mm nozzle. The 0.10. has the surface area (opening size) of only about 14% of a 0.25mm hole.

A 0.40mm nozzle has a 15 times higher plastic output than the 0.10mm 3D Solex Micro. This nozzle will not work with an ungeared feeder like UM2 (not “+”), or without a high tech feeder likte Bondtech. Made in Norway by hand, using a Swiss “drill” and German tools.